Friday, September 12, 2008

New old laptop.

So I got my new (old) laptop. I decided since I was going to have to spend at least $500 I might as well get something I wanted. So I popped down to the fancy authorized apple dealer downtown and found a nice 12" iBook waiting for me.

This is my first non intel computer (Since the Commodore days) and while I am used to the operating system as my main machien is an Intel iMac there were no surprises for me. Everything works as I would expect it too. All software works, printing, etc etc. No more squinting at 3 lines of text in the work software.

Job this weekend is update the RAM from 512 to 1.5Gb! I installed Leopard yesterday and it needs the new ram as Tiger was very snappy on this box, but I really missed the quicklook preview. ;)

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