Thursday, September 4, 2008

eeePC again.

You can read my glowing review for the eeePC from a while back.  Unfortunately the whole netbook idea just bit me in the butt.  Over the last little while I've been getting everything configured over here so I can compute in the cloud for pretty much everything, (Online storage, webmail, push mail to the treo etc. etc. etc.)  Everything works PERFECTLY!

So what's the problem?

The package I use for work used to be windows based, around June they changed to a web based package which worked great, (again in the cloud) until the most recent update.  The recent update splits your browser into 4 frames.  the last frame is the one to enter your clients information etc.  It is 3 lines long on the eeepc's screen.  Yes 3 lines.  The info screen is 16.

My netbook is no longer useful to me.  I enjoyed the fact I could work anywhere, and now I'm heading to Dell's website for a loaded up Inspiron.  (Or I'll bite the bullet and get a Macbook, as I love my mac!) ;)

 IT was a nice couple of months carrying something so small around.

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