Sunday, August 12, 2007

Treo 650!

The Treo 650 and why I love it!

I'll admit it; I'm one of the new generation of people who are too busy doing a thousand different things all at once. I can't remember if I've eaten some days, let along remember if I forgot my Anniversary or Wife's birthday.

I've been a palm used since 1999 when I purchased a Palm IIIe from Staples and promptly realized how amazing the thing was, at first I thought it was going to be a passing fad something I'd play with for a short while then go back to my paper based day planner. I haven't used paper since! ;)

I realized after only a week with the IIIe that the 2mb of ram wouldn't be enough so before I got too attached to it mailed it off for an Upgrade to 8mb, now we're talking! I used the IIIe until I decided I needed colour and picked up the IIIc, from there picked up a Tungsten T and used it for years, when I realized I had one too many devices to carry around I sold the T, and picked up a Treo 650.

One device, for everything!? Stores my memos, date book, contacts, MP3's, books, games, movies!?

This thing is the be all and end all of mobile computing! I've had the 650 for two years and counting now, and still don't need anything else, everything the iPhone can do I've been doing for a long time now. (Not that I don't want an iPhone for the whole ìwowî factor but that's another story...)

Recently I added a data to my monthly cell phone bill and now the Treo is also an Internet device, Sure Blazer isn't as nice as Safari, but for the most part it displays pages nice (Especially after I run them through Squeezer or Google for formatting.) Let's not forget Quicknews, as an RSS reader it's flawless, heck I like it more then NetNewsWire on my iMac!

Accessing email using Agendus Mail SSL is easy; also jump between DateBk6 and Agendus 12 depending on my mood. :) The datebook is my most used feature, with Ereader coming in a close second. I've read more ebooks on my Palm devices over the years, and then some people read in a lifetime. They are PERFECT for reading in bed with as they are lightweight and easy to hold. Docs to Go is another must have, I donít' bother with conduits anymore just use Silver Keeper to keep my Documents folders on my iMac and my 2GB SDCard in sync with each other. Currently sync to Google using Goosync as I've had some issues with Missing Sync lately, and can't stand Palm desktop for MacOS.

My entire life lives in my Treo, and if it beep and flash at me a thousand times a day I don't know what Iíd do.

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