Friday, August 17, 2007

Is the BBS Dead?

Yeah I'm one of those crazy BBS guys. Been calling and running BBS's since around 1985 now. The community is not dead! Granted there might be better ways to get your discussion fix now, but a lot of the sysops who care have moved with the times. as an Example:

You can access Fidonet using your NNTP reader now! (Thunderbird, Outlook Express etc)

There are also great free Telnet clients like Mtel and Syncterm. There are also Java telnet programs built into web pages for people who want to quickly logon and play door games like Lord, The Pit, Etc etc. The link above to my BBS (Tiny's) offers everything mentioned above and over 40 online games from the past!

Those of you who want to get back into Fidonet can do so via NNTP or Telnet, even working on a web based forum for those of you who don't want to leave your web browser. ;)

Check it out! Tiny's BBS at telnet:// or via web by clicking here.

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