Monday, March 2, 2009

Pocket Informant for Blackberry

I love icons and categories in my calender. I've been using them for 10 years in Datebk for PalmOS and Agendus for PocketPC.

When I switched to the blackberry I was worried about being able to keep things organized the way I like to. I don't like using TODO's or Task lists. I need to /SEE/ what's going on and the only way it works for me is using the calender format. (Much like I used to do with highlighters and my paper organizer).

This morning I found pocket informant for Blackberry and realized they had found a way to let me use categories, colors, and icons in the blackberry world without having to give anything up! They use their own database, but include a "Syncing feature" that let's me sync their database to the internal BB database (Stripping the category and icon etc) and from there Astrasync send's it to my exchange account. It sounds more complex then it really is.

I spent an hour going hardcore with Pocket informant and loved it. Even though they offer 14 days trial (FULL FEATURES TOO!) I registered after only a few minutes of use.

I also did the same with their note2self program but I'll write about that another day. ;)

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