Monday, August 18, 2008

PDA Reach

PDA Reach by June Fabrics is another application that I have owned for quite a while now and have recently started using again.

The talk about the Redfly winmo device got me thinking again how much I really wanted a Palm Foleo instead of the eeepc I ended up with.

One of the things about PDA Reach is that with the limited space on the EEEPC (Once windows XP is in there) is the fact that I wanted a quick and easy way to use my email clients / contacts without installing a lot of crap.

This works amazing. Just like the redfly I am using the programs directly on my palm, but with the keyboard on my eeepc. You can also just connect to the internet on your phone and use the Blazer web app etc on the eeepc where wifi isn't available without breaking any contracts.

June Fabrics does have another program called PDA Net that allows you to use your Treo as a modem for connecting to the internet on any windows computer. I have tested it out and it does work, but it wasn't one I stuck with due to the current license with Telus mobility. (I now have unlimited data for $30 a month on the phone, and don't want to loose that!)

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