Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5 Days of Palm fun.

Yeah... So I had to pay off a friend of mine Sunday night, when I jumped to the HTC device he bet me I wouldn't make it 6 months with it.  That free phone just cost me another $50. ;)
So it's been 5 days since I've been back with a PalmOS device, and I have never been happier.  The 755p is just amazingly fast.   Quicknews is a pleasure, datebk6 is wonderful, the phone app works PERFECTLY, there is so much ram I have all my software installed adn still have 20mb free, and don't even have any external miniSD in there yet.

I am still disappointed in Palm fucking the Folio release, but if you've ever tried to use a Win mobile 5 or 6 device, you'll come running back BEGGING Palm for a device.

I love you Treo 755p.

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